Grow More With CUBIX


Grow more with less space, by using CUBIX aeroponics growing solutions. Whether you have 10', 18',24'+ ceiling heights, CUBIX can maximize the use of your cubic footage. A typical 4x4 hydroponic table takes 16 sqft, a single CUBIX unit gives you 4 times the grow area in 12 sqft.  Thats over 5 times the yeild in the same footprint.  Got 18' ceilings? Two levels of CUBIX give you 10 times the yield in the same footprint.


Horizontal Hydro Table Drop-Ins,

                     Now Available!

Horizontal Retrofits to turn your hydro tables into Aeroponics units. 

Vertical Farming

CUBIX was designed to fit standard pallet racking. Including multi level mezzanines using the racking structure. Freestanding models available also.


The CUBIX unit fills with a fog like mist. This mist delivers water and nutrients to the plants. Can be used with most nutrients, including organic or aquaponics.

Turn Key 

We offer turn key solutions. We not only provide the CUBIX aeroponics unit, but we provide training and mentoring throughout your farms growth. We offer multiple options of automated controls for your farm.